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one_norrington [Oct. 3rd, 2006|09:48 pm]
Pimp the Pirates


My new comm: one_norrington: A community with a

Mission Statement: This community was created as a place for fans of James Norrington of the fandom Pirates of the Caribbean. It is especially a place for those fans who have recently found themselves caught in the middle, so to say, between the two parties of James Norrington fans that have now, after the release of Dead Man's Chest, emerged very clearly. There are fans who are capable of loving both the Commodore James Norrington and the James Norrington we see in DMC. It is our belief that he is still the same person in DMC and in fact, that there are no two versions of James Norrington. There is only one James Norrington.

Did the mission statement catch your interest? Then come and join!