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Pimp the Pirates

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Hello! This community was created to "pimp" things that have to do with Pirates of the Caribbean, such as communities, fics, mailings lists, sites, post icons, graphics, pictures, whatever.


1. You can only "pimp" things that have to do with PotC. To clarify: You can promote a community(or anything else) about Orlando Bloom(or any other actor), but not about any other movies he's done, savvy?

2. Fanfics must not be mary sues. Please, god no.

4. Please only post if you're actually "pimping" something. If you find yourself typing "....and to make this legal", please stop. :)

3. Anything that doesn't adhere to the above conditions will be deleted.

I really don't want to have too many rules up here, but if they become necessary, they'll be added.

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